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 Trade-Price Starter Motors & Alternators

If you find the manufacturer’s price of a brand new starter motor or alternator prohibitive, JG Supplies can now offer you a wide range of brand new, high quality, pattern-made parts that are as cost-effective as repairing your old unit. 

 Manufactured by a multi-national engineering group that already produces Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for many recognised brand names, both the starter motors and alternators come with a one-year guarantee (just like the manufacturer’s parts) and are very competitively priced.

 Available for Yanmar, Mercruiser, Volvo, BMC, Ford and most other marine engines.  We supply electrical parts for Cars, Agricultural Equipment and Commercial Vehicles.   For full details phone 07976 960921 or e-mail

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Polaris Starter Drive Pinion  SM1329850  30835394
Sofort-KaufenEUR 63,22Keine AngabeRestzeit:2T 20Std 20Min
Single Pulley Belt Type A-9.5mm  OD: 71.60
Sofort-KaufenEUR 13,67Keine AngabeRestzeit:4T 0Std 15Min
Universal Brush Leader  1 metre
Sofort-KaufenEUR 5,48Keine AngabeRestzeit:5T 4Std 6Min
Hitachi Brush Set S114-252
Sofort-KaufenEUR 8,18Keine AngabeRestzeit:7T 0Std 11Min
Alternator  Pulley 15mm / 17mm
Sofort-KaufenEUR 22,95Keine AngabeRestzeit:7T 0Std 23Min
Briggs and Stratton Brush Gear  497605
Sofort-KaufenEUR 17,87Keine AngabeRestzeit:9T 21Std 7Min
Mitsuba Brush Set SM302
Sofort-KaufenEUR 17,18Keine AngabeRestzeit:15T 0Std 41Min
Mitsuba Brush Set SM302,
Sofort-KaufenEUR 8,93Keine AngabeRestzeit:15T 21Std 15Min
Mitsuba Brush Set SM442  SM-442-25
Sofort-KaufenEUR 22,68+EUR 13,74Restzeit:16T 23Std 16Min
Briggs and Stratton  Starter Drive Kit to fit 391461
Sofort-KaufenEUR 32,91Keine AngabeRestzeit:21T 2Std 37Min
Brushes  to fit Lucas 255659 M45G M418G LASX22
Sofort-KaufenEUR 5,48Keine AngabeRestzeit:21T 22Std 45Min
Briggs and Stratton Brush Set 395538
Sofort-KaufenEUR 15,12Keine AngabeRestzeit:22T 21Std 50Min
Briggs and Stratton  Starter Drive Kit to fit 495878
Sofort-KaufenEUR 31,54Keine AngabeRestzeit:22T 23Std 35Min
Briggs and Stratton Brush Set to fit 391791
Sofort-KaufenEUR 18,55Keine AngabeRestzeit:28T 0Std 13Min
Brush Gears SM-402 422 Series 12V Starter Brush set
Sofort-KaufenEUR 15,12Keine AngabeRestzeit:28T 21Std 18Min
Brush Gear Holder SM302-01
Sofort-KaufenEUR 9,62Keine AngabeRestzeit:28T 21Std 28Min
Hitachi Brush Gear S12-19C
Sofort-KaufenEUR 27,42Keine AngabeRestzeit:28T 22Std 16Min
Hitachi Brush Set S12-19C
Sofort-KaufenEUR 7,70Keine AngabeRestzeit:28T 22Std 26Min
Briggs and Stratton  Starter Drive Kit to fit 495877
Sofort-KaufenEUR 24,72Keine AngabeRestzeit:29T 1Std 57Min
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